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Looking to add some spice to your sex life. Take a walk on the wild side at Adult Friend Finder. Meet people for MMF threeways. Explore fetishes like footfetishes, stockings, ladies in garter belts and more. Adult Friendfinder has millions of like minded people around the world and in your local neighborhood all looking for something special in the love life. Join interest groups, some of the groups have local chapters that even meet regularly. It's a great way and safe way to connect to new people online. Also browse video personals, chat in chatrooms and check out the online magazine with sex stories, poems, dating advice and the hot message board. Post and respond to questions, get tips and more. Membership ranges from free to over $100 for a year. The yearly membership gives you a bonus 6 months free. You need a paid membership to contact members but it's truly worth it adding up the cost of a dinner date, or a drink in a bar.
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Adult FriendFinder Testimonials
I met the man of my dreams off this web-site back in August 2007. I was under the profile lonelyandho2007 and he was nrthgaguy60. We met when I noticed he had previewed my profile and didn't speak; so I spoke to him. We talked a few days online and on the phone. We finally met up about 2 weeks after speaking to each other and it was instant for me, but took him a bit. You know men have to be hard asses when it comes to love. Well we started dating after we met and now here we are over a year later and we are still going strong. Every day that we are together is better than the last. The sex we have is amazing and yes each time is better and more passionate than the last. We have finally decided to give the swinging lifestyle a try. Our motto is if you play together you stay together. We have to say that we are very happy that we signed onto AFF. We are looking forward to many more experiences through AFF. ~Gacpl4extc

I'm writing to say thanks Adult FriendFinder! After my marriage ended, I had pretty much given up on finding someone to share my life with. Someone who was not only personally compatible, but sexually compatible as well. I know, looking for a soul mate on a site that's primarily used for sexual liaisons doesn't seem all that bright. But, I decided to give it a try anyway. I'd looked at a few ads before I found hers. To make a long story short, her ad looked like I could have written it. (If I were a girl, anyway.) Even her sexual preferences were so close to mine it was almost scary. We e-mailed back and forth a few times, and then I broke the rules and sent her my phone number. When she called, we hit it off immediately. I knew she was originally from Georgia, so I asked why she talked so funny; did she have a speech problem? When she laughed at my goofy and tasteless joke, I knew I had found someone special. When we finally met, the chemistry was evident. We hit it off in all ways, and felt like we had known each other forever. I won’ go into detail about the sexual part of our new relationship. I'll save that for the erotic stories section of this magazine. Suffice it to say that I've never met someone that I’ve connected with on so many levels, in and out of the bedroom... I truly feel that I've found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, and sometime in 2010, she'll be moving in with me and I'll make this sweet, beautiful woman my wife. So thanks again Adult FriendFinder, and Nae Nae, I'm yours, and I Love You! ~gsxr132009

"All the locals in the Ontario Chat room know OUR story, but many others may not - please let us share... We met in the Ontario chat room - I avoided him. He sent emails - I deleted them unanswered. We met at an AFF meet & greet - I avoided him; even though I knew we'd be together... We got back online; I still avoided him; still deleted him until he sent his # - then I didn't reply, I called. We met and had 3 dates. On the 3rd date, I threw him down, ripped his clothes off and quite literally; "forced" him. 18 months later we are still together, still very much in love, still happy, still in the same bed, and now living together for 7 months. There is no end planned, ever. My profile is not the average profile; he is not your average guy. But you provide a service which can only be appreciated if it is used properly & taken advantage of fully; I'm very glad I took the risk and did that. I think he is too. We keep the separate profiles in homage to your help & so we can let people know & see, 2 singles can & do become 1 couple thanks to your assistance, because we think others should know it does work. So; I'd LOVE to brag for AFF - I think the possibility here is phenomenal, but most of the users completely miss the point; I'd love to help them see what is offered. And hey, My guy would too! His profile ID is GS007Brit. Talk soon! YourFuckDoll