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Getting started is easy. Create an account with a username and password. That’s all it takes to join. There are free memberships and paid. The difference is the paid membership gives more benefits. For example, you can place an ad and get responses but you won’t be able to respond unless you have a paid membership. It’s cheap, as low as $20 but this should get you on your way to a hot night with a special Asian girl.
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Special Interest Groups

Adultfriendfinder has special interest groups including Asian looking for interracial experiences, those who like older Asian women,  white people looking for Asians and Asians  looking for white men.

In the magazine check out the dating tips and advice, read sex stories like the ones below

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Asian Seamstress

“It won’t go down.” I looked at her imploringly, but
that had no effect on her.

“Maybe a spanking would help.” I said this without
thinking but knew it was the right move, since she had
not hollered or screamed or got up and left. She had
some interest. I went with the flow.

She had not left, had not moved a muscle, and sat
coolly quiet, taking in this stranger with a hard-on in
her sewing room. Most revealing, there was not a trace
of anger or fear on her face. I was keenly aware that
no one was real close to our cubicle. That no one could
hear us speaking unless we talked loudly. We had a dash
of privacy. So I went for the gold.

I said, “Look!” and pulled my short over my hard-on and
half way down my legs to my knees and stood tall. Her
eyes now widened and she was about to speak so I
quickly took hold of my cock and when my hands came in
contact with my throbbing man meat, I lost it. I shot a
glob of cum across the room and the more squirts and
more until I had emptied my balls.

She never said a word. Her eyes were focused on my
twitching cock and my shooting cum and she seemed
frozen and mesmerized. I figured I was in trouble and
began to apologize. Read more here Asian Seamstress

Unfaithful Filipina Wife Give Sloppy Seconds

3. Charlie fucks my wife Florida

The next day went very slowly for both of us. She spent
a lot of time getting ready for work. She was ages in
front of the mirror getting all tarted-up with her red
lipstick, blush and heavy make-up. I was feeling very
aroused watching my wife prepare for a visit from
another man. She was getting ready to be fucked. I
started to caress and kiss her. She kissed me back.

“Are you excited about Charlie coming over?” I asked

“Oh yes,” She replied kissing me passionately on the
lips. “I can’t wait to feel his cock inside me… He’s
so much bigger than your little pathetic little tiny
penis. Tell me you want to see me get fucked by a big
fucking cock?”

“I like watching you getting fucked by another man,” I

“I’m going to give him Viagra honey so his big cock can
fuck me harder. Wait till I get back honey,” she said.

Looking into her shining and excited eyes I realized she
ready for another man. She would soon be feeling another
man’s cock inside of her under the watchful and
approving eye of her faithful husband. I began to rub
her wet opening. She was ready for Charlie all right.
She pushed my hand gently but firmly away. She wanted
the other man in her pussy first.

“You must wait, honey. Please don’t spoil it for me,”
she said with a little frown. “Don’t worry you can sneak
in and watch him fuck me then if you are good I will let
you eat out my pussy afterwards.”

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