Asian Seamstress

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by Esperanza (


A married man visits a tailor shop and ends up having
sex with the seamstress. (MF, affair, exh, asian)


My cock just erupted, blast after exciting blast of
warm horny male cum into the air and onto the floor as
the lady next to me looked on. The expression on her
face was stunned and then awkwardness – all in one. But
not horrified or angry – that sent a signal to my brain
and cock. All was not lost. This sort of humiliating
experience might not turn into a disaster.

It started when my wife dragged me downtown to an
indoor flea market area to buy cheap clothes, pants,
shirts and jackets, which could then be tailored, again
cheaply, to look expensive. Since we were in an Asian
and Latino section of the city, the store had a large
staff of seamstresses who basically worked cheap and
did a great job.

This clothing store had the flair of a family-style
restaurant. You know, the old type of place where the
customers sit at large tables of 12 or more people, and
where you do not know the person sitting next to you.
But you do it because the food is so good you put up
with the lack of style and comfort. Well, this clothing
store had racks and racks of clothing and changing
stalls which were not well concealed from the shoppers
so that you could basically see the person in the
dressing stall taking off her dress or putting on a
bra. I got many naked shots and this had gotten my cock
rock hard in the first place.

Most of the clientele were Asians or poor older white
ladies. And none of them seemed to mind that they were
on display in the changing stalls. But it wasn’t’ the
changing stall that had me pop my nuts; it was in the
seamstress area where a Chinese lady, maybe 20, maybe
30, maybe 40 years of age had me take off my pants.

My 37 year old wife had chosen five pair of pants and
two sport jackets for me to get tailored and then she
left me in the tailoring area so that she could go
shopping for herself. The tailor area had 10 Asian
women bent over working at sewing machines and with
several changing areas which had a curtain made of a
bed sheet.

The seamstress area had two large fans blowing air to
cool off the desperately hot humid air and the women
working at the sewing machines all had their dress or
skirts raised above their knees to keep cool. I had a
very nice view of legs and even one or two crotch
shots. It was hard to tell their age since their faces
seemed so clean and soft and wrinkle free. They could
be 20 or 30 or even 50 years old. As far as I could
tell, all the Asian women looked alike. Yet my hard-on
did not go down while I waited my turn

When it came for my turn, an Asian lady, with her hair
tied on top of her head motioned for me to follow her.
The first thing that I noticed was that her breasts
were large, round, not small and puny like many Asian
women. I was led a 100 or more feet to the back of the
large room away from the sewing area and where there
were no fans and very little air circulating.

She took me behind a curtain, but first had to move
several boxes containing mounds of clothing. She said
in a dead pan voice, “You take off jacket and pants,
leave on shirt and underpants. I measure you from head
to toe then we try on each pants and measure. Then
jacket and maybe you want shirts, too. They cheap. Ok.
No take much time. Many people wait”. She did not say
please and she never left the makeshift changing room.
I waited, not sure what was gong on. But I was
realizing that privacy was not going to be part of the

As a few second ticked off without me taking off any
clothes, she said, “What are you? German?”

I was taken aback by her off the cuff remark [no pun
intended] and replied, “No, but close. My mom and dad
spoke German but they came from Belgium. I was born
here in California.”

She said, “Your hair different color. Not brown or
black. Interesting, no? I like different.” She waited
and probably was thinking it was perfectly normal to
watch a guy change his clothes in a department store
changing room. Well, maybe in China.

Then she said again nonchalantly, “Why no take off
your clothes? You no little boy.”

I removed my jacket and realized I had to drop my pants
and that my hard-on would be very obvious; sure it
would be covered by my boxer shorts but my cock was
definitely sticking out. It would be hard to miss since
I had a very decent size dick, not bad I might add for
a guy just over 45 years of age with a very active
dick. Just ask my wife!

And then this Asian lady is sitting on her haunches,
like in a squat, and I can see down her blouse which is
loose and her bra is not real tight to her tits so I
can catch glances of her tits and almost her nipples.

I take off my pants and turn to the side which only
makes it obvious that I am trying to hide the erection
that is pushing out my underwear. As the dead air
hardly breezes on my now bare legs, my cock
nevertheless is twitching inside my boxer shorts. But
she stands behind me and measures my arms and back and
has me stretch out my arms and then she puts the tape
around my neck. And writes the numbers down and now is
sting on her haunches again. And I see her notice my
bulge. But she says nothing.

Instead she takes the tape and comes closer to me to
measure my waist. Once I feel her hands contact my
skin, I am on fire. Now at my side, she puts the tape
at my waist then brings it down to my knees, and my
cocks is now twitching a real lot. She says again in a
dead pan voice, “You should be dishonored. If you young
boy, I give you spanking.”

But it was her tone of her voice; there was no malice,
no real anger, just a simple fact of a mother talking
to her 10 year old son. But she was younger than my
wife; I took her age to be about 34, give or take. Her
skin was gorgeous and her face while not real pretty
was cute in a sweet way. And she did not run away. She
sat quietly. She was keyed on my bulging cock, watching
it twitch inside my undies.

“It won’t go down.” I looked at her imploringly, but
that had no effect on her.

“Maybe a spanking would help.” I said this without
thinking but knew it was the right move, since she had
not hollered or screamed or got up and left. She had
some interest. I went with the flow.

She had not left, had not moved a muscle, and sat
coolly quiet, taking in this stranger with a hard-on in
her sewing room. Most revealing, there was not a trace
of anger or fear on her face. I was keenly aware that
no one was real close to our cubicle. That no one could
hear us speaking unless we talked loudly. We had a dash
of privacy. So I went for the gold.

I said, “Look!” and pulled my short over my hard-on and
half way down my legs to my knees and stood tall. Her
eyes now widened and she was about to speak so I
quickly took hold of my cock and when my hands came in
contact with my throbbing man meat, I lost it. I shot a
glob of cum across the room and the more squirts and
more until I had emptied my balls.

She never said a word. Her eyes were focused on my
twitching cock and my shooting cum and she seemed
frozen and mesmerized. I figured I was in trouble and
began to apologize.

She then sprang into action. Quickly she stood up, told
me to be quiet and left the room and in seconds
returned with a no-label box of tissues and began to
wipe the cum off the floor. She handed me a wad of
tissue and I cleaned off my cock. I handed it to her,
and she did not seem to mind that the tissue paper was
wet with my cum. This left an impression, but no words
were spoken.

I said, “Maybe you should give me that spanking.” I had
no idea why I said that since I never played those type
of sex games yet even though I had just shot the
largest load of cum in many a year I was still sexually
excited and was trying to come on to her. Like give me
a break, I had just exposed my cock to her, a hard
cock, and then I proceeded to shoot cum on her floor
and we never had a proper introduction.

“You not good man. I think you homosexual. I feel
shamed. Cover yourself and I finish measurement.”

I, of course, felt shame.

But that feeling quickly faded since her tone again
registered that something was not being said. There was
not any anger, not any rapprochement as a person gets
from a disappointed adult. The words were damaging yet
her tone was forgiving. However, I put my cock inside
my undies, just to be safe.

She worked quickly. After I had tried on the second
pair of pants, and she took the measurement she stunned
me by asking again in a nonchalant tone, “Why your
parents no cut your penis. What do they call that
cir… something. It not clean for a man not to have it

She was not really asking but more like inquiring. So I
said, “In Europe, especially northern Europe, most baby
boys aren’t circumcised. All you have to do is pull
back the skin and wash it yourself. No big deal. And
you want to know something, they say that it leaves the
cock, you know, the penis, more sensitive, not cutting
off the skin.”

She understood that word, sensitive. She replied with a
question, “You maybe too sensitive? Maybe homosexual, I

At this time I was glancing down her blouse at her semi
exposed breasts and she was well aware of it. I said,
“You are very pretty. I don’t mean to offend you but
you are. I mean I’m married and all, but I can’t help
thinking how attractive you are, is all I am saying.”

“Me married, too. But thank you.” She said.

I did not know her name, and she not mine.

I said, “Give me another tissue paper, please.” She
moved to the box and handed me one. She again squatted
a few feet from me.

I pushed my undies down to my knees and took my soft
cocking my hand and moved the skin back and forth over
the tip, letting her see how it moved and how I used
the tissue to clean off any left over cum.

I said in a soft non threatening voice, “I bet it looks
like a snake to you.”

She smiled for the firs time, “Not snake, maybe look
like eel. I think funny.”

I was holding my soft cock by the tip and letting her
see it. A strange ritual of sex and romance I thought.
So I asked, ‘Funny?’

She said, “Yeah, it funny looking.” Again her voice was
soft, in a curious manner.

So I had to ask, “Funny in an ugly way or funny in a
nice way?”

She took no time to respond. “In a nice way. I do not
want to say bad things about it. It nice to look at. I
sorry if I insult you.”

I let go my cock. We looked in each other eyes. And she
knew that I knew she was interested in sex with me.

I said, “Give me your hand.”
She knew what I meant. But did not offer her hand,
instead she put her finger to her lips and whispered
for me to be quiet.

So I reached over, and took her hand. She did not
resist; there was some fear in her eyes but no panic
nor shock. I took her hand and placed it on my cock;
she did not pull her it away. My cock began to grow in
her hand. We both watched.

She was caressing it now, and then she bent and gives
it a kiss on the tip. She looked at me, and said, “It’s
beautiful.’ And then sucked on it; not a real great
blow job, she hardly got more than the tip inside her
mouth but it was working. For two or three minutes her
lips and mouth slurped over my cock tip. The way she
sucked on my cock reminded me of a person licking a
lollipop – that is they really enjoy the tastiness –
the sweet sugar flavor.

Then it was her turn to shock me by inserting her
middle finger up my butt, and began to finger fuck my
ass hole and my 7-incher got harder and harder. I was
ready to cum and did.

I held the side of her face near her ears and guided
her moth to suck more of my cock down her throat. I
needed my hands to keep her face anchored on my dick
which needed a tight fitting in order to cum. I pumped
my cock in and out of her sucking lips and then I felt
the cum rising from my balls and through my legs an
then the blast of maleness.

She swallowed my cum even though when she pulled away
there was cum dripping from her lips. When she bent to
get a tissue to wipe I went to her and took her face in
my hand and kissed her lips and licked away the cum off
her face. She at first stood frozen and then she opened
her lips and we swapped tongues.

She watched with glee and awe as my manly cock simmered
down in size and need. As I tucked my cock inside my
shorts, she changed her demeanor. In a minute or so,
she was all business. She said, “I here on Tuesday late
afternoon. You can come to get clothes. Be ready then.”

I said,” Around 7, I can make it.”

“No, better after 8:30.”

She handed me a business card, said, “Here, you call if
you no can come.”

As I was about to leave, she added, “You ask for Lie
Liu. That my name. What your name?’

“Stephen.” I smiled at her.

I was about to leave but something did not seem right.
She did not seem very happy, not like I was. Not
satisfied like I was to be exact. I looked out the
curtain and no one was near by, no one was watching or
asking if Lie Liu was finished with me.

So I went to her. She seemed nervous upon my approach.
I took her in my arms and hugged her. I did not try to
feel her body at first. When she relaxed into my hug, I
bent to kiss her again and we swapped tongues, this
time nice and soft, and nice and slow. My hands began
to caress her back, and then her buns and then her
legs. Slow. I next slid a hand under her blouse and she
did not resist, and I cupped a naked breast and
caressed her nipple.

But we did not have much time, and I wanted her to
smile some. So I left her breast and caressed her buns
and then her legs and when I went under her dress she
tried to stop me with one hand and even said, “No.”

I kissed her and at first she resisted my kiss still
holding my hand at bay from her pussy area. But then
she kissed me back and then I whispered, “I want to
feel you, to have your pussy smell on my fingers when I
leave here. I would like that very much.”

In a moment my fingers were at her pussy. And when I
bent down to take off her panties she helped me. Her
legs spread and I got to see my first Asian pussy. The
pussy hair was dark, shiny black, and a lot of it. I
caressed her cunt and her clit was on fire, and I bent
and bent until my tongue was there and licked and
licked. I tasted and smelt and slurped her pussy juice
as she came and came. This all happened in a mere five
or six minutes. My tongue and lips and mouth were
between her legs slurping away. And Lie Liu was feeling
like a woman.

I stopped, licking and let my fingers do more
caressing. But my ears were tuned to the outside. How
much time did we have. I quickly stepped out of my
underwear and took out my soft cock and placed my semi
hard cock tip at her cunt hole. I rubbed my cock tip
over and over her exposed wet pussy and she was moaning
and never resisted.

My cock was still soft but I was able to shove the tip
inside and she squeezed her cunt muscles to keep it in
her an she began to fuck me. I let her ride and ride,
and knew she was cumming like no woman I had even
known. I pulled out, still semi soft and not about to
cum again, not for at least 20 more minutes. So I bent
down and continued to lick and suck. This lady creamed
and creamed her pussy juice with only small whimpering
moans so as not to alert anyone else.

Then I got up, and kissed her mouth again. She also
stood and gathered our underwear and put mine inside my
back pocket and her underwear in her purse. I walked
out of the changing room intent cleaning off her smell
in the bathroom. On the way out of the sewing room, I
kept my head down, not wanting to make any eye contact.

Before I was out the door, Lie Liu came walking toward
me fast and said in a loud voice, “Mister, I forgot to
get a deposit.” I gave her some cash. Then she said,
“Follow me to clothes rack; we talk some more but
pretend to look at a clothes, not at me. Ok”

I did as told.

Lie Liu said, “I like. Thank you. Long time since I
feel that good.”

I replied with my head down pretending to examine some
shirts. “Me, too.” Hadn’t felt like this in years. My
wife doesn’t satisfy me as much.”

“Me too. Husband no like sex with me, prefer younger
girls. First time I cum when kissed down there.”

I felt good to hear that. Made me proud.

I said, “Nothing like a wet pussy to suck and kiss. It
turns me on. So you liked it, too, great.”

She offered, “Chinese guys no want to do that.”

I said self-righteously, “Firs time you came from
getting your pussy eaten. That’s great.”

Lie Liu said in a tone reminiscent of a child, “No, not
first time. First time with man.”

I gulped, unsure of why that statement took me off

She quipped, “You like doing it; I can tell. Other men
don’t like doing it to women. I can tell that too; it
not feel good to me when they do it. But some women
friends, we try it, feel better. But not as good as
with a man, like you.”

I was unsure how to respond. So I said, “I never had
sex with another guy.”

She said, “We, my lady friends and I, want sex with
men, too, but our husbands don’t want us anymore.
Easier to have sex with girl friend than strange men.
Maybe not as good but safe.”

She turned her back to me, Said, “So, Mister Stephen,”
as if reading off my receipt, “you come by Tuesday,
maybe we have your alterations ready. Thank you.”

Then she whispered for only ears, “If you really like
my taste, you can check your back pocket later. But
don’t let your wife see.” She left me standing there.

As I walked away down the dimly lit hallway, I pulled
out the undies from my back pocket to discover that she
left me her undies and that she had kept mine. I was
getting to like her more and more, took a sniff and
continued on.

Later, my wife asked, “When did they say they’ll be

I said, “They said I can drop by after work on
Wednesday or Tuesday if I want.”

I waited, then added. “I don’t know. I am not sure
coming here is a good idea. Not sure of the quality of
these immigrants work.”

My wife said, “Don’t’ be silly, Stephen. These ladies
can sew better than most high priced tailors uptown.
And what are you complaining about? Don’t you always
get compliments on how nice your pants and suits look.
Put up with a little discomfort and it pays off.”

Yes it does, dear.


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